HP Printer Setup and Driver Download

HP Printer Setup Wirelessly in Windows and Mac OS

HP is a famous brand amongst the users for its peripheral devices, hardware devices, and other software services. The company offers a wide range of Printers to fulfil desired requirements of customers. The list includes DeskJet Printers, inkJet printers, LaserJet printers, Color LaserJet printer, Officejet Printers, etc. All such printers come with services like Print, Scan, Copy and Fax. HP printers are intended for home or office clients who need the printer to print everything from a record, email, and website page with best quality. Hence, buy HP printer to printout your urgent document with smoothly and clearly at minimal time. Print your report effortlessly from wherever utilizing the versatile printing highlight. In case, you have bought HP printer and want to print some document, then first of all you are needed to download and install the printer’s driver on your operating system. Once you perform HP Printer Setup task in a proper manner, you will be eligible to print anything with your HP printer device. Here, we are going to help you to download and install the right driver for your HP printer on your Windows and Mac OS both.

How to Setup The HP Printer

Setting Up an HP Printer Wirelessly in Mac OS

Setting up an HP printer in Windows or Mac computer will allow you to print the paper without facing any kind of hurdle. You may connect both the devices either wired or wirelessly to get started performing print job. However, printing wirelessly has become easier than printing with wired connection. Once connected, you can also share the printer on your home network, allowing other computers in your house too to print from it even though they aren't directly connected. A brief walk through of how to set up an HP printer.

HP Wireless Printer Setup for Mac OS X

To Set Up an HP Printer on a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, connect the printer to the wireless network, then install the accurate driver and software on your Mac computer from the HP website. When prompted during the installation, select Wireless as the connection type. Before, setting up an HP printer wirelessly, what you will need is:

  • Configuration page from the wireless printer
  • SSID of Wireless Network (Network name)
  • Wireless Security Settings: WEP, WAP, etc. and the password
  • Printer powered up and running
  • Latest HP software for printer
  1. Once you gather the above given items, you are ready to set up HP printer wirelessly. The first step is the base of the triangle where you establish communication between the printer and your computer. This is also known as an ad hoc network. To do this:
    • Move the printer from the computer to communication with your wireless router
    • Now, move the computer to communicate with the base station
  2. Now, the very first thing requires to do is to make sure that the radio is turned-on on your HP product
  3. After turning the radio on, go to Mac and then go to the airport bar. There, you will see one called “HP Setup”. So, let’s go ahead and click on that
  4. After that, print out a configuration page. To do this, go through the menu to print report and then select the network configuration. Now, print it out
  5. On that printed page, it is going to give you the wireless network name that the printers hooked up to
  6. In that case, “HP Setup” will be shown there
  7. After that, open any web browser and in the address bar type that IP address and hit Enter
  8. Click on the networking tab and go to “Wireless”
  9. Now, if your printer has wireless and wired, you can make your own choice
  10. If you want to go for wireless connection, then choose “Wireless” and then tap on “Advanced” button
  11. In the next window, you have to enter in the SSID of the network you want to connect
  12. Once you get that network, put it in infrastructure mode
  13. Once you fulfil the desired box, go down into the bottom and press “Apply”
  14. Now, what you need to do is to move the Mac to the same network
  15. While doing that, print another network configuration page. Do this with the same process as we did before
  16. Now, you will notice that SSID is different and it is connected in infrastructure mode and network name. You will also notice that the URL has changed
  17. At that point, what you need to do is to go to the device manager, select “Information and Settings” and then go to the setup assistant
  18. The software is already installed, so click “Continue”
  19. Now, setup the printer by entering the name, company, voice phone number and then give a check mark on Fax number
  20. Now, click “Continue”
  21. Once you received all that information, click “Continue”
  22. Now, you are required to setup the printer queue. To do this, follow the directions:
    • Open print and fax queue by clicking on print and fax option from the system preferences
    • Make sure that the options are added, now press “Continue”
    • In the next window, again hit “Continue”
    • If you want to register later, remove the checkmarks and then click “Yes”
    • And once it finishes configuring which will take a little bit time, so have patient
    • Once the configuration process gets completed, you are done with wirelessly HP printer setup

HP Wireless Printer Setup for Windows

Before setting up HP printer wirelessly on Windows operating system, gather the following items first:

  1. The Network name or SSID
  2. Network password
  3. A computer connected to a wireless network
  4. Internet access
  5. Make sure the router and computer are turned-on
  6. Disconnect any USB or Ethernet cables from the printer

Now, follow the below-noted instructions appropriately to done the setup process.

Connect to The Wireless Network

The Wireless Setup Wizard proffers an easy and simple way to set up and manage the wireless connection to your printer. Hence, perform the given tasks:

  1. Turn on the printer and computer both
  2. On the printer control panel, touch the “Wireless” icon
  3. The “Wireless Summary” screen appears
  4. Click on “Settings”, and then tap “Wireless Setup Wizard”
  5. Follow the on-screen prompted instructions on the control panel to connect the printer to your wireless network
HP Printer Driver

Download and Install the Printer Software

Complete the wireless network connection setup via HP software installation method. Do the same with the help of given instructions:

  1. Go to the official site of HP printer
  2. Once the page opens, enter your printer model number and then click “Begin”
  3. Now, click “Download” button and then hit either on “Open”, “Save” or “Run” in any windows that display to download the driver to your computer
  4. Once the download completes, go to the “Downloads” folder on your computer and give a double click on the downloaded driver file
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the connection setup and driver installation
  6. Return to the home page of the site of printer in your web browser to complete the printer registration and activation

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