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123.HP.Com/Setup 5055 Printer Guide- First Time Printer Setup

HP Envy 5055 printer is a suitable one to use in house and businesses. The printer comes with All-in-one features, it means that you can use HP printer 5055 for taking printouts, scanning, fax and even for taking out copies. Printers have become the basic need of every business, be it small or big. And hunt for great value and trust-worthy printers will only end with HP printers. Here on the page, you will find- how to do HP Envy printer setup, drivers download, wireless connection, and troubleshooting problems.

So, let us start our guide for HP Envy 5055 Setup.

First Time Printer Setup

Easy Setup of HP Envy 5055 printer via- 123.HP.com/Setup

Get HP Envy printer setup easily through 123.HP.com/Setup 5055, the setup includes drivers, software and various useful tools that are essential for a printer. By downloading drivers from a trustworthy source, will not only give your computer complete protection but also make sure that you will get proper and complete drivers. Then after the downloading process, you have to start with the installation procedure, but before starting all these processes first, focus on unboxing and setting up your printer physically.

Unboxing HP Envy Printer 4500

Unboxing HP Envy Printer 5055

Before you open your newly bought HP printer canton box, check its seal. Unpacking printer should be done gently, otherwise, you will end up breaking your printer. Follow the below steps:

  1. Unbox HP envy 5055 printers by removing all the tapes from the box.
  2. Lift the scanning lid and remove all the sticking substance from it.
  3. Now open the HP printer ink cartridge access door and insert it in the given slot.
  4. In some printers cartridges are irremovable.
  5. Next, you have to put the printable sheet (A4 size) into the tray.

Paper Tray Alignment

Paper Tray Alignment

After unboxing, then comes paper tray alignment, and it is also very important to achieve before HP envy 5055 setups.

  1. Lift the paper tray and tray extender
  2. Place the papers in the tray and adjust according to the instructions.
  3. You can use the HP Envy printer setup manual that comes along with the printer.
  4. Once the papers are aligned, slowly close it.

Scanner And Ink Cartridge

Scanner And Ink Cartridge

When your printer has a scanner feature HP Envy printer scanner setup is also needed before start using it.

  1. Open the Scanner glass and place plain paper, you can also put papers when need to scan.
  2. After placing the paper, make the scanner glass come in its real position again.
  3. Now tap OK, on the printer’s control panel.
  4. HP Envy 5055 printers will automatically align the ink cartridge accordingly.

How To Do Download HP Envy 5055 Setup?

As you know that before using the HP printer, HP envy 5055 setup is needed. So you ought to download the HP Envy printer setup using 123.HP.com/setup 5055. 123.HP.com/setup is an easy and engaging website where you will effortlessly find the setup of HP printers. Follow the below guide to install the HP envy printer setup:

  1. Open your browser and paste 123.HP.com/setup link and press Enter. You will land on the HP printer setup page.
  2. Now search your printer 123.HP.com/setup 5055 by entering name and model number.
  3. Click Download. The drivers' file will automatically get the download on your computer.
  4. Open the download folder in your browser and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

After the drivers download for your HP envy printer is completed, you need to install it on your computer to use.

HP Envy Setup

How To Install HP Envy Setup Driver On Your Computer?

Once you are done with the downloading process via 123.HP.com/setup 5055, it’s time to install the drivers and software.

  1. In Windows 8.1 open the HP envy printer setup by reaching the Download folder and find 123.HP.com/setup 5055 file. Now follow the on-screen instruction to completely install the HP printer setup.
  2. In Windows 8, for HP envy, printer 5055 setup you need to go on Download files and search for the recently downloaded file then press Install to complete the procedure.
  3. In Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista, for all these advance Windows you need to search the file in the search box on the desktop and click to run the file, to get it installed successfully

Note: In the process of installing, you will see a pop-up window of the User Agreement. It will ask you- ‘Do you allow this software to make changes’, click Yes.

Connect Your HP Envy 5055 Printer Wirelessly

Connecting the HP envy printer wirelessly with computers and Wi-Fi allows the user to print directly. If your wireless HP printer is connected wirelessly with the Smartphone or tablet, you can easily get the print out of your image. You don’t even need to transfer any document, file or image. Follow the below steps to connect your printer 123.HP.com/setup 5055 wirelessly.

  1. First, turn on your HP printer and go to the printer control panel. Now click on the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  2. In Wi-Fi direct option select settings, there you will find the option to Turn On the Wi-Fi direct option.
  3. Including your computer or laptop, you can connect 4 other devices through Wi-Fi direct method.

You can also access this method when your HP envy 5055 printer is connected via USB cable. To use the printer make sure that it is connected with an active internet connection. If you want to change the connectivity of your computer from USB to wirelessly, follow the below steps:

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Open HP printer software
  3. Now select Tools and then open Devices Setup & Software.
  4. There you will see ‘Connect a new device’ option, click on it.
  5. Under the connection tab, you can locate Wireless option
  6. The window will automatically show you the available printers’ list. From the list select your HP envy printer 5055.
  7. Now follow the instructions display on the screen to complete the HP envy 5055 wireless setup.

HP Envy 5055 Wireless Printer Setup For Mac

For using your HP printer with Mac first you need to configure your printer, for this, you need to do HP envy setup. Below we have mentioned all the steps from connecting HP printer wirelessly to Download, install 123.HP.com/setup 5055.

Step 1. Network Connection Requirement

  1. You should know the name of your network i.e Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  2. Know the password to connect your printer wirelessly.
  3. Now make sure that your Mac device is connected to HP Envy printer setup wireless network.
  4. Check if your internet speed can access 123.HP.com/setup web services.
  5. The printer you want to connect is connected to a working power supply socket and is on.
  6. After the connection of USB cable or LAN cables with your printer, remove them.

Step 2. Connect To HP Envy Printer Wireless Network

  1. On the home page of your printer’s control panel, you will wireless icon, tap it.
  2. Now touch the Settings icon > Wireless Setup Wizard
  3. Select the network from the list of available networks
  4. If the list does not show your network name, then you ought to enter the name manually.
  5. When you are asked to enter a password, Enter and press Done.
  6. In the summary screen press OK and go back to Home Screen.

Step 3. Download And Install The Driver Mac

  1. To download the required drivers in Mac for your HP envy 5055 wireless setups, go to 123.HP.com/setup.
  2. On the home page, you can search your HP envy setup by entering the printer’s model number and name.
  3. Double-tap on the Download option.
  4. Now follow the complete instruction to install.
  5. Open your recently downloaded file in MacBook and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Select HP Easy scan and install
  7. When prompted, press Add Device and choose for the Print test page or Scan test page, to check if the HP envy 5055 setup is successful or not.

HP Envy 5055 Printer Troubleshooting

How To Do Solve Paper Jam Issue In HP Envy Printer?

To solve the Paper Jam issue in HP envy 5055 printers follow the below steps:

  1. While printing if the print paper has jammed inside the printer, first turn it off.
  2. Now carefully pull out the printer’s input tray and remove the paper that is stuck
  3. Next put the printer’s input tray inside again
  4. Align the papers in the printer tray and turn on your printer.
  5. Resume your printing job.

How To Bring HP Envy 5055 Printer From Offline To Online?

If your printer turned offline from online, don’t worry it is common while using printers. Follow the below steps to bring your HP printer back online.

In Windows:

  1. Click on Windows icon, open Settings.
  2. Double click on Devices and then open Printers & Scanners
  3. Select your printer from the list and right-click.
  4. In the dropdown menu click on Open Queue.
  5. Now in click on Printer then click on Use Printer Offline.

These above steps will surely make your HP printer turn to online.

In Mac:

  1. Click on the Apple icon and select Software Update, to install any available updates.
  2. Again click the Apple menu and select Restart. After re-opening the system if still, the HP printer is offline then follow the below steps.
  3. Click System Preferences, now select Print & Scan. In the given list of printers, select your printer and if a yellow light appears next to your Printer’s name. Click Resume.
  4. Open the document that you need to print, and check your printer has turned online now or not.
  5. Now select a printer by clicking Change and choose your printer from the list. Click ‘Print’.
  6. Another way to bring your printer back online is by uninstalling your printer and again install it via 123.HP.com/setup 5055.

How To Correct The HP Printer Error State Issue?

  1. First, turn off your printer and computer, and wait for a few minutes. Now turn on printer and computer and check your printer’s status.
  2. On your Keyboard press Windows Key + R and type services.msc and then click OK.
  3. Scroll through the services and select print Spooler.
  4. Now right-click on the Print Spooler and select Stop.
  5. Once the service has been stopped, now use Windows Explorer to search C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS.
  6. Delete all PRINTER folders and turn off your printer and computer for at least 1 minute.
  7. Now turn on both machines and to check the HP envy printer setup that you made and command to print out.

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