Most Effective Resolutions for HP Printer Paper Jam Problem

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HP printers are high-quality printing devices that deliver sharp-looking prints. The prints from this printer come out with well-saturated colors. Moreover, the printer’s ink is also very inexpensive. However, like with any other technical device, there are certain issues that people face while printing. The most common among them is hp printer paper jam. The problem just needs a small piece of paper to arise. If the issue is not addressed in time, you can risk the smooth working of the entire printer. Hence, you must clear away the paper jam as soon as possible. Here is everything you need to know about paper jam in the hp printer and how to resolve it.

What Causes HP Printer Paper Jam?

To troubleshoot HP printer paper jam correctly, you need to understand how the issue arises in the first place. Given below are the various causes that lead to this problem.

  • Sometimes, users tend to overfill the printer paper tray. The paper tray has a particular capacity, and overfilling it can result in a jam.
  • Another common reason for this problem is the faulty positioning of the paper in the tray. If you don’t load it correctly, you risk getting it stuck in your printer.
  • Using an inferior quality or the wrong size of printing paper can also cause the problem. It is important that you go through your HP printer manual to find the right size and type of paper that you should choose.
  • Sometimes, when you don’t clean your HP printer, the dust gets accumulated in it. It interrupts the printer’s operation and causes hp printer paper jam error.

Easy Ways to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Problem?

There are numerous solutions for fixing this problem. A large majority of HP users implements them to get rid of this printer error.

1. Inspect the front cover and input tray

You should start by inspecting the front cover of the printer. If you see any pieces of jammed paper, take them out gently. To examine the input tray, proceed with the given steps.

  • Plugin your printing device and turn the ‘Power’ button on.
  • Disconnect the cord from the printer’s rear.
  • Find the input tray and pull the paper out of it gently.
  • See inside the tray and take out any pieces of paper or objects that may have accidentally fallen in it.
  • Put the printer back to its usual position.
  • Reconnect your power cord and switch on your printer.

2. Inspect the output tray

Another way to eliminate this problem is to check the output tray. To know how to fix paper jam in hp printer using this method, go through these steps.

  • Switch off the printer and disconnect your power cord.
  • Find the output tray and take away the jammed paper.
  • Try to use your printer again. It should work well.

3. Clean paper feed rollers

Paper feed rollers are the places where this problem occurs. You can resolve this issue by cleaning the rollers through the steps mentioned below.

  • Switch off the printer and disconnect your power cord.
  • Lift your input tray. Then, open it.
  • Locate the grey paper pick rollers.
  • Wipe them with a damp cloth to eliminate dirt or dust in them.
  • Before putting the rollers back, let them dry completely.
  • Connect the power cord and turn on your printer.

4. Inspect the entire printer for jam

You can also check your entire printing device for hp printer paper jam. Follow these instructions.

  • Open your printer’s rear access door. Inspect the device’s interior for jammed paper.
  • Inspect the rollers and take out any jammed paper.
  • Now place the rear access door to its position and tap the ‘Resume’ button.
  • Raise the printer’s front cover.
  • See if there is any jammed paper and take it out gently.
  • Make sure that the print carriage is operating optimally.
  • Rotate the rollers of the carriage three times in an upward direction.
  • If you find the carriage and rollers stuck, check for any paper stuck in them.
  • Pull down your printer’s front cover and fill the tray with paper.
  • Start pressing and holding the ‘Resume’ button.
  • Release the button when you notice the test page printing.

Resolve HP Printer Paper Jam in Different Printer Models

There are different device-specific resolutions for resolving the jam problem. You can find detailed instructions for various models below.

HP 1320 jam problem

Resolve the paper jam in hp printer by first opening the print cartridge door. Remove the cartridge and access the straight-through output door. Rotate the green pressure release levers. Take out the jammed paper and then place the cartridge back. Close the door.

HP 8500A jam problem

Check for visible jammed paper pieces. Afterwards, look at the carriage path of your printer. Start resetting your printer printheads and then clean the printer rollers. After that, reset your device.

HP Deskjet GT5810 jam problem

To fix printer paper jam in this model, start checking the input and output tray and the printhead access place for jammed documents. Now inspect if the carriage is moving properly. Clean all the paper rollers and eliminate ink smears. After wiping the printer rollers in the input tray, reset your device.

HP Envy 5660 jam problem

To know how to fix paper jam in the hp printer of this model, check input and output tray, paper path, and the cartridge access place. Use automated tools to clear your page smears. Now wipe the paper feed rollers with a lint-free cloth and reset your printer.

HP Envy 5530 jam problem

To remove the jammed paper, eliminate them from the rear roller, input tray, and duplexer. Keep your printer model on a flat surface. Clean your paper rollers.

Final Words

This detailed stepwise guide will help you to resolve hp printer paper jam independently. All the instructions are pretty easy to follow. You can also take help from our experts on Now you won’t be troubled by jam issues anymore.

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