9 Common HP Printer Errors And Their Solutions

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Can you live even a single day without printers? We can’t even think of it. Our office documents, school projects, and other essentials are heavily dependent on printers. But what if you got introduced to an unexpected HP printer error, that too written in some weird cryptic code?

You might be scratching your head thinking about how to tackle the error or how to get at par. Well, it won’t be a problem now. Here we have covered the 9 most common yet dreaded HP printer errors that you should be ready to deal with. They might appear anytime, troubling you or even stopping you to perform the printing task. Here we go!



List of HP Printer Errors and their solutions

Here is the comprehensive list of errors along with the troubleshooting steps to deal with the problem. Scroll down and pick the one you are facing a challenge with.



Error code 49 or HP printer error code 49.4 c02

The printer communicates with your computer to take commands and deliver the printouts, in case of any trouble, the printer displays error code 49. Due to this problem, your printer will be in the loop and you will be frequently instructed by the system to restart the device, but error 49 will reappear. By taking the following simple measures you can fix the error.


  1. First of all, you should clear the messed-up Print Queues. Save the files before doing it.
  2. Another way to deal with error 49 is by performing a cold reset or factory reset.
  3. Try reinstalling the printer drivers from the HP Support website. Go to download drivers sections and install the latest drivers from there.
  4. Still, facing the error code 49? Your printer hardware could be at fault. Contact the printer experts and get it checked.



HP error code 303

This one is nasty. It generally happens while printing, but it has nothing to do with the printer. Moreover, you would never want to mess up with it, as it means a problem with your computer’s hardware. Other issues can be resolved by using straightforward steps, but resolving error code 303 requires an expert’s assistance. It requires you to backup the PC data and replace the computer’s hard drive as soon as possible.



Error code 30

Sometimes, you might observe that your HP printer is connected perfectly to the power outlet but still it shows printer not activated error code 30. The problem is clearly with printer drivers, maybe that’s not updated or requires reinstallation.

In order to resolve the problem, all that you need to do is, visit the HP support website and download the latest drivers. Also, if you want to reinstall the full driver package, then you should first visit the Control Panel section, go to Printers and Scanners (for Windows 10) or Devices and Printers ( for Windows 8), locate your HP printer, and uninstall the existing driver package.

Additionally, find other traces of HP printer drivers and remove those as well from your computer. Disconnect the printer from your system, reconnect it back and your printer name will be displayed once you begin reinstalling it.



Error 79

Corrupted print jobs, our-of-date printer drivers create a lot of trouble in HP printers, and error 79 occurs due to similar reasons. If you are going through similar trouble then you should consider updating the printer software from the official HP website. Once you have updated the printer drivers, then make sure to restart the system immediately after. In case you are still facing the error code 79, then look into the Print Queues and clean the pending print jobs.


Error code 0x6100004a

With continuous working, your printer may succumb to paper jam issues, low ink cartridge problems, or sometimes printer failure, and the error appears on screen with a cryptic error code 0x6100004a. Whenever the problem occurs you must remove the jammed paper, reinstall the ink cartridges and try to perform the hard reset. Once you execute all these steps, your printer should get back to the high-performance work mode.


HP error code 0xc19a0013

Ink cartridges store an adequate amount of ink so that your printer can perform smoothly. When it is in trouble, you get to see HP printer errors code 0xc19a0013. The error can be easily resolved by unplugging the cartridge and reinstalling it to your printer. It will help you to realign the printer cartridges at their place.

If you still facing the error code 0xc19a0013, then it could be due to low ink or a clogged nozzle. Simply clean the nozzle with a damper cloth, you can also use the cleaning solution to unclog the nozzles. Also, you should check if cartridges are full of ink. There have a few instances where we have replaced the complete printhead assembly to fix the error 0xc19a0013.



HP Printer error 0xc19a0005

Printer demanding service or problems with ink cartridges can lead to alphanumeric error codes such as 0xc19a00005. The solution to this error is performing a printer reset, ink cartridge reinstallation, or at least getting your printer serviced. Here are the steps to resolve the issue.


Printer Reset

  • Disconnect the printer from the power source, with the printer in ON position.
  • Remove the power cord and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the wires again and see if the errors are resolved.


Reinstall the ink cartridges

  •         Uninstall the ink cartridges.
  •         Keep your printer On and disconnect the cable from the socket.
  •         Wait for a minute and reconnect the cable thereafter.
  •         Turn ON your printer.
  •         Now reinstall ink cartridges to their respective slots.
  •         Enjoy trouble-free printing.



HP Printer error code 02

It clearly specifies the problem with the paper tray or paper sensor. The first thing you should be verifying is there shouldn’t be any paper jam or paper stuck in the intricate printer components.

Open the cartridge access door and remove the jammed paper. Now turn off your printer, remove all cables, press the power buttons, and turn on the printer after a minute. In case, you still see printer error 02, you should immediately contact the printer expert.


Error code 14: No toner cartridge

Your printer does not have a toner cartridge or it’s not installed correctly. You should verify the presence of a toner cartridge in the printer, if it’s there, then remove the toner and reinstall it in the machine. In case the problem remains unresolved then you should replace it with the new cartridge or else connect with the printer experts to do so.



Terrified with HP printer error codes? Contact the experts now

Those were our 9 picks for common HP printer errors codes which occurs due to paper jam problem, outdated printer drivers, clogged nozzles or printer hardware issues.

You can simply choose the error code that you are facing while working on the HP printer and refer to this guide for troubleshooting steps. For quick access, bookmark this blog so that you need not waste your time hunting for an error fixing guide. Do you have any queries? Connect with our 123.hp.com/setup printer experts and get the prompt resolution now.

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