How to Eliminate HP Printer Error 59.f0

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HP has built a strong reputation in the market for printers or computers. It offers different models for several purposes. The printers are programmed in a way to display the errors on-screen when it faces any trouble. If you see an HP error code 59.f0 on the printer screen, that indicates the transfer alienation error, which occurs when ITB (Intermediate transfer belt) is stuck and can not rotate. The situation might be problematic, but the solution is pretty simple. For step-by-step troubleshooting, we have researched and devised a quick strategy that can help you fix the error efficiently. Before going further, let’s explore why the error 59.f0.


What causes HP printer error 59.f0?

Troubleshooting for error 59.f0 is simple and it requires you to reset the toner-fuser assembly, reseat the ITB of your printer, manually testing the SR9 sensor etc. Keep following the instructions below and fix the problem with an ease.

Error name – HP printer error 59.f0

Cause number 1 – Transfer alienation failure

The primary reason that causes HP printer error 59.f0 is the transfer alienation failure. It means that the ITB is stuck and not able to rotate.

Cause number 2 – Issue with SR9 sensor

Another reason which causes HP printer error 59.f0 is an issue with the SR9 sensor. This sensor is responsible for transfer-roller-disengagement. Whenever the transfer roller is worn out, or the fuser drive assembly does not function properly, then also the SR9 sensor issue occurs.

You can fix these issue with the following steps

There are two major reasons that causes HP printer error 59.f0 – transfer alienation error and troubled SR9 sensor. This section describes these reasons in full detail.

Step 1. Reset the toner and fuser assembly

  • Many users have resolved the error 59.f0 by resetting the toner and fuser assembly.
  • Firstly, you will have to turn off the printer for a few minutes by pressing the power switch.
  • Now turn on the printer and wait until it is ready to print.
  • Make sure not to connect any surge protector.
  • If you are still facing the problem, then you will need to replace the motor.
  • Ensure that you have correctly installed the ITB and remove the printed circuit board assembly (PCA or PCBA)

Step 2. Reseat the ITB of your HP printer

  • Reseat the ITB at its place.
  • Verify that all the internal connections of ITB or secured.
  • If the problem exists, then remove the ITB entirely from the unit and manually test the ITB gear and flag.
  • After that, you will need to rotate the gear, check that the flag activates when the white gear is rotated.
  • If you found that the ITB flag is damaged or it’s not rotating, then you will need to replace the ITB.
  • However, if the ITB gear and flags are working correctly, you will have to test the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor SR9 using the manual sensor test provided in the next section.

Step 3. Test the SR9 sensor manually (when ITB gear and flag are working well)

  • For manual sensor test, remove the ITB from its place and find the sensor SR9 inside the ITB.
  • Click the home button on the Control Panel, press the down arrow and select diagnostics, and click ok.
  • Now choose the option manual sensor test and click ok.
  • Now you will have to release the SR9 flag by pressing the lever up inside the ITB cavity.
  • When you press and release the flag, verify the control panel display for sensor response. Also, verify that the sensor toggles between 0 and 1.
  • Replace the sensor if it doesn’t toggle between 0 and 1.
  • Now click exit diagnostic and click ok to confirm.          

Step 4. Execute the fuser motor component test

  • Disconnect the fuser from the printer.
  • Disconnect the right panel safety switch by putting in a folded piece of paper and disconnect the right door switch by using masking tape to hold the switch down.
  • Click the home button on Control Panel,  Click diagnostic, and click ok.
  • Now you need to select the component test and click ok.
  • Choose the fuser motor option and press ok.
  • Keep your observation on the fuser motor gear, and if it doesn’t rotate, you will need to replace it.    

Step 5. Perform the ITB contact/alienation test

  • If if you observe that the fuser motor is working well then you will need to execute any ITB contact or alienation test.
  • Follow point number two as per step four.
  • Then go to the Control Panel and click the home button.
  • Now click the down arrow, select diagnostics, and click ok.
  • Now choose the options component test and click ok.
  • Now choose the option ITB contact or alienation test and click ok.
  • While performing the test, observe the alienation drive hub that is located about the cyan cartridge.
  • If you see that the alienation drive is not rotating, you will need to replace the fuser drive assembly.          

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