How to Troubleshoot HP Tango Smart Home Printer?

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You HP Tango Smart printer is one of the most advanced printers ever launched by Hewlett Packard aka HP. In fact, the troubleshooting itself becomes so easy with the help of HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Voice Command: Ok Google, ask HP Printer to print shopping list ;

Scratching your head for the statement in bold! Actually, HP tango print uses a two-way network connection and is equipped with cloud printing technology. You can also give your printouts while being away from your HP printer using the “Print Anywhere” feature. In simple words with voice-activated Printing, you can print anything from anywhere.

But as obvious for smooth functioning you should have a trouble-free printing device, that’s why HP Print and Scan doctor is needed, a free tool that can actually solve the most complex problems in your printer. Further in this article, you will get complete know-how about types of errors you can face with your Tango printer, troubleshooting tips, and precautions to be taken while using your Printer.

With this Troubleshooting Guide, you will erase the errors from your Tango Printer with the help of HP Scan Doctor.

hp tango smart home  printer

HP Tango Printer Troubleshooting

We have prepared the list of probable errors and possible solutions. I hope you will find yours as well. Read on.

1.  Error “Out Of Paper”.

This is one of the most common errors and can be dealt with well if you use non-wrinkled, non folded, and clean papers. The problem arises mainly when you expect to get the printouts on used or badly shaped papers. Please note and remember these points while printing or use HP Scan Doctor to clear the issue.

  • Use paper guides when adjusting the sheets in the input tray, always use both hands for better alignment.
  • Ensure that paper guides to be firm with sheets and not to bend the papers otherwise chances of paper jamming become high.
  • Avoid using the used paper, moisture in the ink can result in sticking the paper together.
  • Always load papers in the input tray before the printing process starts.

If the error “Out of Paper” still persists then you need to reset your printer. Follow the below steps, with HP Printer “Turned On” condition.

  • Remove the power cord for the backside of the printer.
  • Further, remove the cord for the power socket. And wait for one minute.
  • Finally, reconnect the printing device again and check with a print test page.

2.   HP Tango Printer Offline

On your computer or laptop if your printer status shows Offline, then this section will be of much help. You just need to download HP Scan Doctor, and it will fix the bugs on its own. Here is the process to run this free tool:

  • Connect your computer to the internet.
  • Now visit HP Print and Scan Doctor and on the webpage click “Download”.
  • Thereafter an extension file HPPSdr.exe will be downloaded at the bottom corner of your PC. Click and run the file.
  • Now a window will open click “Start” here.
  • Further, you need to select your printer from the list, if not found then click “Retry”.
  • You can also opt for the Printer Updates and Default Printer Settings by clicking “Yes” at respective sections.

This will troubleshoot all the issues related to printer offline problems. If the issue still persists then try to

  • Manually set the default printer.
  • Creating Manual network connections.

3.   HP Tango wireless connection errors

Sometimes your Tango printer will be connected to wireless network but still not able to proceed with wireless printing. The error can be resolved in two ways with the help of the HP smart app or without using it. And if the problem doesn’t resolve both ways then use HP Scan Doctor.

With HP Smart App

Here you need to reset your printer wireless setting and then again connect to the wireless network.

  • Press the wireless button at the back of your Tango Printer for 5-10 seconds until the blue light glows at the front of the device.
  • Further, now open the HP Smart App on your tablet or mobile and click “Add A New Printer”.
  • Now select “HP Tango Printer” and enter the WiFi password when prompted to.
  • Thereafter following the on-screen instructions to set up the printer on the wireless network, your printer will start to connect with the wireless network.
  • Enter your HP login credentials now, and the network setup is complete.

Without HP Smart App

If you do not have HP smart app or if you are unable to resolve the issue with HP smart app then try using the below steps.

  • Here you need to press the Wireless and Power button together for 5-10 seconds until the blue light flashes at the front of the Tango Printer.
  • Now on your WiFi router click the WPS button for 5-10 seconds until the WPS light starts to flash, this shows the connection process begins to start.
  • The wireless network will be established now.

If you are still finding a problem connecting to the network or maintaining a wireless network then use HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. After visiting the website you need to run the extension file as described earlier in the article and find your Printer name. Now click “Next” and then click “Fix Printing”. The next screen will display the possible errors which HP Scan doctor will fix after following the on-screen instructions.

4.   HP Tango – Paper Jam

Paper jam occurs due to wrinkled or bad shaped paper used, or sometimes may be due to overloading. If the HP Smart app displays a notification “Paper Jam”, then is the need for diagnosis.

Paper jams mainly at

  • Input/Output Tray
  • Within ink cartridge access area

To troubleshoot the error remove the jammed paper from the location and click “Ok” to the notification on the HP Smart app. Now the printer will automatically try to resolve the jamming issue. You might have to check for any foreign object or unwanted piece of paper inside the input tray, remove it if you found any.

Now if the blue light glows at the front then there is no need for further troubleshooting. And if amber light glows then check for jam paper in some other location or maybe in cartridge access area or else run the free tool HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Before accessing the cartridge area remember to turn off the printer and remove the power cord.

  • Press the Ink Door button on the top of the Tango printer, and open the top lid to the maximum.
  • Now look for and remove the jammed paper from inside.
  • Slide the ink cartridges gently and clear any piece of foreign objects creating the obstructions in between.
  • Now close the lid and click “Ok” to the notification on HP smart app.

If the problem still persists then reset your printer. Remove the power cord from the back of your printer, with your printer in Turn On the condition and remove the cord from the wall socket as well. Wait for the next one minute and reconnect everything again, and print the test page. If you still found an issue then download HP Scan Doctor from HP Homepage.

5.   HP Tango Printer Not Printing Black

You might have experienced faded, smashed, or dull printouts, this section will remove all such printing errors.

  • Always use the recommended genuine HP ink cartridges and papers also use the correct paper type for a printing job.
  • Do not insert paper in bulk quantity in the input tray, always use the maximum 20 sheets of photo paper at once and a maximum of 40 A4 size sheets for general printing.
  • Check the ink level in the cartridges and replace the low ink cartridges with the new one.

If you are finding the streaked, faded, or missing printouts then clean the ink Cartridges.

  • Open the HP Smart app and ensure both the printer and smartphone are connected to the same network.
  • Now in the smart app select “HP Tango Printer”, and click “Printer Settings”.
  • Further, you will find an option “Tool” and then click “Print Quality Tools”.
  • Thereafter you need to click “Clean Printhead” and now you will find a “Print Quality Diagnostic Report” as an output.

If you are not satisfied with the result then proceed with the level 2 Printhead cleaning else stop troubleshooting.


This troubleshooting guide will help you to resolve the errors with your HP Tango Smart Home Printers. One of the most suitable tools that come to rescue is HP print and scan Doctor, this is a free tool which can debug any of the issues with your Tango Printer. You can download it on your laptop or computer from the

As your tango printer does not have the control panel like traditional painters, that’s why HP smart app is the most convenient way to give the command to print, troubleshooting any errors, to contact HP Support and to order ink cartridges as well. So always equip your phone or computer with HP Scan Doctor and HP Smart App.

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