How can I troubleshoot the HP printer that cannot connect to Web Services error?

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Our day-to-day life highly depends upon technology. One of the greatest technological innovations witnessed by our generation is the printer. This incredible device let us effectively handle many of our personal and professional tasks without trouble. Printers nowadays are not just limited to printing the text or graphics, they allow users to scan the documents, send faxes, and a lot more. HP printer is considered to be one of the most trusted printer brands among all the printing devices. However, technology also has its limitations.While using the HP printers, users often encounter “HP printer can not connect to web services problems, especially when trying to connect a printer to the web services” for the first time.

If you are also facing the same problem this guide can help you to troubleshoot the issue in this post, we are going to share some easy solutions that can help the user to fix the “HP printer can not connect to web services” problem on their device. So let’s proceed further and find out how to fix it.


Why is my printer not connecting to web services?

We often get a query from the users saying that ” why is my printer not connecting to web services”. Well! There could be numerous possible reasons why your printer failed to connect to the web services. The following can be the possible reasons that may not let your HP printer get connected to the web services.

Web service issues: Problems with the web services can be the reason that your printer is unable to get connected.
Server connection error: You might be facing server errors due to which your HP printer won’t connect to Web Services. It is important to verify the internet connection and try to connect again.


How to get rid of the HP printer cannot connect to Web Services error?

Here are some easy solutions to fix the “HP printer cannot connect to Web Services” error on your device.

Check the HP printer connection

The first and foremost thing you need to do is check and make sure that your HP printer is connected to the HP Web Services properly. Most of the time HP printer won’t connect to Web Services when using the USB cable. Check the status of your printer through a wireless network, or using the settings option. If the blue solid LED light it’s showing on your wireless button, it means your printer is properly connected. If the light is not visible, reconnect the device.


Restart your printer router and computer

Restarting all the devices can help you to troubleshoot the problem.
Restart your HP printer, computer, and router. Unplug the power cables, wait for a few seconds, and plug in the devices again. Once you are done, boot up your computer.


Turn on the web services from EWS (embedded Web Services).

You can use the embedded Web Services to turn on the web services for your HP printer. This will help you to resolve the communication errors between the printer and computer.

  1. First of all, you need to print the network configuration page. To find how to print the network configuration page, you can refer to the printer manual.
  • If your printer has an LCD and text-based control panel: you can print the page from the Wireless, Network Settings, or Setup option.
  • If your printer has the basic control panel buttons: you can print the page using the button combinations on the printer manual.

2. Open the web browser, and provide the correct URL for embedded Web Services to show up on the        network configuration page.
3. Click on the ” web services” button on the page.
4. Click or activate the ” switch” option.

These simple steps will let you fix the HP printer cannot connect to Web Services error on your device. If you are still facing the problem, proceed with the next troubleshooting step.


Correct the proxy server settings.

If your network is using the proxy server settings, need to update the web services setting with proxy information.
Look for the internet proxy settings on your device.

For Windows: select the internet option, go to the properties window, click on the connection tab, select the network and go to the settings. The network will show you the proxy settings.
For Mac: go to the system preferences, and choose your network. Click on the advanced option, click on the Proxies tab and select the proxy.

Once you are done, note down the address and port value of your proxy server. From the Embedded Web Services, you need to click on the web services tab and select the proxy settings. Here you need to enter the address and Port value of your proxy server. Once you have provided the information, click on apply button. To connect to the web services.


Correct the DNS settings

Many users report the HP printer cannot connect to Web Services error due to incorrect DNS server settings. changing the DNS server from printer to Google IP address can help to fix the problem. Open the Embedded Web Services page, and click on the wireless tab. From here select the ipv4 tab, and enter as the first DNS. Hit the Apply button, and your problem will be resolved.


Update the printer firmware

Sometimes the outdated printer firmware is the reason that HP printer won’t connect to Web Services. Therefore, you must update the printer firmware to the latest version available. You can update the firmware by visiting the HP printer official website in providing the correct printer model details.

The bottom line

HP printers are highly reliable but can cause technical troubles to the users from time to time. With the help aforementioned instructions, you can troubleshoot the HP printer cannot connect to Web Services error on your device easily. The provided instructions are effective to troubleshoot the problem quickly. But, if you are still having a hard time with your HP printer, and are unable to connect it to the web services, do not hesitate to contact the experts. The HP support team can help you to provide the best possible solution to the problem and troubleshoot the problem immediately.

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