HP printer problems and troubleshooting solutions

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HP printers are known for sharing the quality printing experience and reliable services. Therefore, just like any other device, these printers are also prone to technical errors. If you are using an HP printer, you may encounter HP printer problems from time to time. The printer problems can be anything from paper jam errors to the printer not printing the documents. Fortunately, with the help of simple troubleshooting guidelines, you can also easily fix the problem and continue to use HP printer services. In this post, we are sharing some simple instructions that can help you to troubleshoot the common HP printer problems. So keep reading and follow the simple steps to do the task.


Common HP printer problems and troubleshooting steps:


Paper jam error

One of the most common HP printer problems encountered through the HP printer is paper jam error. A printer may show paper jam errors for a number of reasons like wrong paper type, dirty printhead, etc. To fix the problem, you need to clean the printer on a timely basis. Make sure that you use the correct files of paper for printing the documents. If necessary, replace the roller. Prefer to pull the paper in the direction of the paper path, if you pull it backward, it may damage your printer. Make sure that you correctly insert the paper in the printer tray, it should not be folded or torn.


Faded printing outcomes

The faded printout can be a result of low printed density, low toner, or if the user has turned on the Econo mode printing on their device. It is recommended to turn off the Econo mode to get quality printing outcomes. If your toner is low, you need to remove the cartridge, distribute the toner in an even pattern, this can help you to temporarily resolve the problem and you will get time to replace the printer cartridge.


Ghosting error

This error printing is a condition where the printer prints the image properly, but also prints a light copy of an image somewhere else. This problem can be a result of an issue with the power outlet supplying power to the device. To fix the issue, you also check the power outlet, try plugging in your printer to a different source and see if the problem is resolved. The printer ghosting error can also occur when some parts of the printer are near the end of their life. It is highly recommended to replace those parts to continue printing the documents without any hassle.


Error message 50.4

The printer error message 50.4 can be a result of a problem with the power supply. If you have connected your device to the UPS, you also disconnect it now. Also, disconnect the device from the power strip, and plug in the device directly to the power outlet. If you are using the laserjet printer, you should not plug it into the UPS as this can result in HP printer problems because UPS can get damaged due to power surges. Make sure that all the components of the printer are properly placed, this can help you to avoid technical errors in the device.


Trouble printing on two envelopes

Envelopes cause trouble in the laser printer. It is highly recommended to select envelopes close to 20 LB in thickness and weight. Also, the address on the envelope must be capable enough to withstand The Heat produced through the fuser while printing it on the page.


Printer showing 79 error

The HP printer 79 error can be a result of trouble with the network print server. To troubleshoot the problem, go to the start menu and open the printer folder. Make sure that there are no printing jobs pending. The failure of the printer add-on component can also result in an HP 79 error. Thus, it is recommended to remove the add ons and add them again one by one to figure out which module is at fault and needs to be changed.


Printer not printing documents

Many times users come with the queries that their HP printer is not printing the document. This error printing can be a result of outdated printer software and drivers. To troubleshoot the problem, it is recommended to update the printer drivers in software to their latest version. Below are the step-by-step instructions you can follow to update the printer software and drivers:

  • Open the Run dialogue box, for this, press the ” Windows + r” key.
  • Here, type “devmgmt. msc” in the text field and hit the button.
  • The device manager will show up on your screen.
  • From here, double-click on the system firmware.
  • Choose the ” printer driver” tab.
  • Hit the button to update the drivers.
  • Choose the “Search for updated Driver Software automatically” option.
  • Let the updated drivers be installed on your device.
  • Once you are done, restart your system.


Printer hardware issue

Sometimes, HP printer problems are not the result of software issues, but the hardware itself. If your printer is still not working, you need to check for the following factors:

  • Check for the faulty USB port, if necessary, replace the USB cable with a new one.
  • If your device is running out of RAM capacity, it will reduce the speed of printing. You need to upgrade the RAM to fix the error.
  • Other hardware issues can also be the result of error printing. If necessary, it is recommended to contact the printer professionals for help.


So, these are some simple instructions that can help you to fix common HP printer problems on your device. The mentioned guidelines are simple and surely let you troubleshoot the errors so you can continue printing documents without any hassle. But, if you are still facing the same trouble with your device, it is highly recommended to contact experts for professional assistance. The professionals can help you to identify the best possible solution to the problem, and make sure that the thing compromises your printing experience. Get in touch with the team now, also find the most reliable solution to your problem.

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