How to Override HP Ink Cartridge Error?

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HP is a leading technology brand known for its versatile gadgets. Its machines are built to provide the most efficient experience to its users. One of those products is HP printers. The amazing features of HP printers are meant to provide seamless production. But it would be the most annoying time when you face a cartridge error with your printer. In this blog, you will get to know how to override HP ink cartridge errors in the best way possible. We are here to provide you assistance and tell you everything to prevent HP ink cartridge errors. First of all, you need to understand what the HP ink cartridge eros is and what its causes are.


When HP Printer won’t Recognize the New Ink Cartridge

You can easily recognize the error when you get the pop-up message “HP printer won’t recognize ink cartridge”. This error happens when that printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge and until this error persists, you will not be able to print. There can be many reasons which can cause this error but one of the common reasons is when you are not using the genuine HP cartridge.


Reasons for HP Printer Cartridge Error

These are some reasons HP printer cartridge error.

1.Presence of protective strips

When you install the new cartridge in your printer, make sure that you have removed all the protective strips which come with a new package. The presence of these protective strips can cause the HP printer won’t recognize the new ink cartridge. These protective strips include plastic covering, tape, or anything present to protect the new cartridge.


2.Not up to the mark metal contacts

If your printer has dirty or broken metal contacts inside, the chances of getting hp ink cartridge error increase. The metal of the new cartridge means to be connected with the metal contacts of the HP printer, and there should not be any dirt that can become the resistance between the printer and the cartridge.
The new ink cartridge has so many metal contacts that are meant to communicate with the printer but when there is dirt or damage, it cannot be possible for the printer to get the information from the chip.


3.Incompatible Ink Cartridge

Another reason which can cause hp ink cartridge error is the installation of incompatible ink cartridges. Always check the user manual to ensure that the available cartridge is perfect to use or not. Along with this, check whether you have installed the ink cartridge in the right slot or not. Your printer will not print until you have placed the color cartridge in the right slot.


4.Software Update

Sometimes the reason for the HP printer ink cartridge error is the software update. When the software update is necessary, it can shoot up the printer ink cartridge error message. To know how to “how to override hp ink cartridge error” you need to make sure that your software is up to date.


5.Refill error or Damages chips

Many times, when the refill ink cartridge is used it can get damaged and cause leak and damage to the printer. At this time you might face the HP Printer refill cartridge error.


6.Defective ink Cartridge

Sometimes the ink cartridge that you have installed might have defects in it. That can happen due to poor placement of the cartridge or the dirt accumulated on it. To override this issue you can simply remove and reinstall the ink cartridge 3-4 times.


How to Override HP Ink Cartridge Error?

These error messages usually come up when you are using third-party cartridges. If you are still getting the message after turning it on and off again, put your trust in us. It is not the time to panic, just follow the below steps and resolve the issue.


Reset Your Printer

First of all, you need to turn on your HP printer and then open its cover to remove the ink cartridge. Now you need to keep the ink cartridge aside for some time. Then you can place it but make sure to do it carefully. Now, close the cover of the printer and turn it off. It is recommended to keep it off for some time before you turn it on to start printing again.

Now print a demo page. Hope the printer cartridge error would have been resolved.


Clean metal contacts of your HP Printer

Turn off your computer and unplug it from the power socket. Now remove the ink cartridge by opening the covers attentively. Keep the ink cartridge aside safely. Now check the metal contacts. Clean the metal contacts using a clean dry cloth. Make sure to do it carefully and don’t put any pressure on it.

After cleaning the metal contact, place it back in the HP printer correctly. Now you need to turn on the printer. Check whether the issues have been resolved or not by printing a demo page.


Additional Steps to override hp ink cartridge error

Here are a few additional steps that you can perform when none of the above works to resolve the HP printer issue.

  • Open the doors of your printer after turning it on.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from your printer carefully and keep it aside.
  • Place the old cartridge that was working with your printer.
  • Now remove the old ink cartridge and place the new one.
  • Lastly, restart your printer and check.

The issue might be resolved.


Fix HP Printer Won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridge with HP Smart App

Open the HP smart app and go to the printer status. Now, press the option names “Printer with Incompatible Cartridges”. Then disconnect the printer from Wi-Fi. Lastly, reconnect the printer with Wi-Fi.



If the problem continues with your HP printer, there might be an issue with the new cartridge. The genuine technical fault cannot be detected with the visual examination. In such a case, the only way to resolve the issue is by changing the cartridge. If you have the old cartridge and you know that it has been accepted by the printer previously the only thing you can do to make your printer efficient again is, getting a new cartridge.

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