HP Fax Error 344: A Complete Guide with Causes and Solution

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If you are an HP printer user, then you must be aware of its error, and among all these errors HP Fax Error 344 is the most common one. If this error occurs in your system, it means that your printer is not able to send or receive a fax. Therefore, such an error occurs if there is a connection problem on the phone connection. If this error occurs on any specific fax number, and you are able to send a fax to all various other fax numbers. It means the problem is most accomplished with the receiving ends facsimile machine.

What is HP Fax Error 344?

Although, if you get the HP fax error 344 repeatedly when faxing with the printer then there is a possibility of an interaction problem in your fax line. Well, Fax is one of the oldest and analog technologies, and nowadays telephone companies use electronic digital lines for communication.
Therefore, it is quite possible that your facsimile machine will doubtlessly come across communication problems. The disturbance that occurs due to the static sound disturbance over the digital line creates interaction errors. If you are not aware of these technical issues then you can connect to the HP Printer Support. Or Simply, continue reading this blog, here we are going to explore all causes of this error and the ways to fix it.

What are the Causes of Error HP Fax Error 344?

Here is the list of possible causes that can lead to HP fax error 344:

  • Possibly the distant individual has pulled the Quit switch while the far-off gadget was getting.
  • On the off chance that the connection was disturbed, the gadget quits reacting to a fax order from the nearby gadget. These mistakes could happen when the telephone lines in the area are old, or there is static on the telephone line.
  • Other force-related issues likewise have the ability to ruin the association of faxes.
  • Here and there because of some uncommon circumstances, a contention separates the two gadgets that could trigger the distant gadget to dispose of the call simply.
  • In the wake of knowing the reasons, presently you can undoubtedly address the mistake, subsequently, follow the underneath arrangements.

Simple Solutions to Fix the HP Fax Error 344

Solution 1: Modify error correction mode

  • Select the Setup button from the front board of the printer.
  • Pick the Fax Setup.
  • Presently pick the Advanced Fax Setup choice.
  • Snap-on Error Correction Mode
  • Switch off the Error Correction Mode, and you are finished.

Through this, you can eliminate the mistake from your printer. In any case, on the off chance that it is not settled at this point, follow the subsequent stage.

Solution 2: Modify your fax speed

  • Select the Set-up button from the front panel of the printer.
  • Now select Fax Setup.
  • Select the Advanced Fax Setup settings.
  • Next, you need to check the Fax Speed.
  • Change the fax speed and set it slow to 9600 bps.
  • Maybe by changing the fax speed, your fax error 344 may get resolved.

Solution 3: Try to rebuild the connection

  • Try to reconnect the connection of your fax receiving head when the telephone line gets better.
  • If still, the telephone line is not able to work properly, then you need to talk to the telephone provider.
  • Maybe the telephone operator or the service provider may help you in improving the connection.

Solution 4: Change the LAN settings

  • Go to the Control Panel to fix the mistake.
  • Open Network >> Internet and afterward web choices.
  • Select the Connections then, at that point a while later snap-on LAN settings.
  • Ensure that you consequently recognize the settings and arrangement scripts that ought not to be checked.
  • Snap-on OK and reload the page.

In the event that the LAN setting isn’t the issue and you are as yet getting the fax issue, then, at that point move to the next solution.

Solution 5: Update the printer driver

  • Snap Start or Windows symbol.
  • In the hunt box, type Device Manager
  • Presently click on the item.
  • On the Device Manager window, find and select other gadgets.
  • Presently right-click on the classification where you need it to introduce the driver.
  • Select the Update Driver Software and snap-on Browse in the recently opened window.
  • Introduce the necessary drivers and snap Next.
  • Pick Close and reboot your PC to finish the establishment interaction.

Summing Up all about HP Fax Error 344

After trying all the above mentioned you have to restart the computer and check if the HP Fax Error 344 is gone or not. However, if you are not able to fix errors on your own then you can connect to us. We have an expert team with us, who can fix all these issues in just one phone call. Connect us Now!

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