How to troubleshoot HP support assistant not working problem on Windows computer?

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It is common for users to encounter various hardware and software-related issues over time while using a computer or laptop. To fix these issues, Hewlett Packard has introduced HP support assistant software on their devices. This software makes sure that the user does not get involved in any technical trouble while using the computer or laptop. However, when users update their Windows system, they get HP Support Assistant not working on the device.

Not being able to use HP support assistant to get updates, notifications, or fix bugs can be very annoying. There could be several reasons due to which the problem may occur. But, there is nothing to be afraid of as with simple troubleshooting steps, one can easily fix HP Support Assistant not working problems on their device. In this post, we are sharing some simple troubleshooting steps that can help you to resolve the issues.


Why does the HP support assistant stop working?

HP support assistant software is highly reliable and efficient when it comes to troubleshooting the issues or upgrading components. However, problems can occur anytime and may hamper the user experience. There could be many possible reasons due to which HP support assistant may not work. If you are wondering why is HP support assistant not working, you must check for the following factors:

  • Outdated version of HP support assistant.
  • Outdated drivers in software
  • Enabled antivirus or firewall software.

So, if your HP support assistant not working after a Windows upgrade, check for the following factors and troubleshoot the problem with some simple steps mentioned below.


Troubleshooting steps to fix HP support assistant not working problem:


1.Install the latest version of HP support assistant

If the current version of HP support assistant not working on your device, then you must consider upgrading to the latest version. Keep in mind that this does not mean you need to remove the existing version, you can find the latest version on the top of the existing installation. Once you have installed the latest version, you can click on the file to run it, and Tap on yes for confirmation. After completing the steps, restart your computer and see if it works. If it does not work for you, proceed with the next troubleshooting step.


2.Uninstall HP support assistant

If the above-mentioned steps are not working for you, you need to uninstall HP support assistant from your device, and then reinstall it. Here are the step by step instructions to do so:

  • On your computer or laptop, press the ” Windows + R” key together.
  • The run box will open on your screen, type ” control” and hit the Ok button.
  • From the control panel, go to the ” programs” section.
  • Here, choose the ” programs and features” option.
  • Now, here you can check for the list of installed applications on your device. From the list, choose ” HP support assistant”.
  • Uninstall the software by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once you are done with the uninstallation process, close the control panel.
  • Now, visit the “File Explorer” and search for “C:\Program Files (X86)\Hewlett Packard\ ” to navigate to the location.
  • From here, delete the ” HP support framework” folder.
  • Run ” HP support assistant installer” you have previously downloaded and see if there is any improvement.
  • Launch the ” HP support assistant” software.
  • Visit the ” about” section.
  • Choose ” check for the latest version”.
  • Let the application find pending updates and install them on your device.

Hopefully, after following these steps your HP support assistant not working problem will be resolved. If this is not the case, proceed with the next troubleshooting solution.


3.Manually update the drivers in the software

The outdated components of your laptop or computer can also be the reason that your HP support assistant is not functioning. Thus, you need to upgrade these components by visiting the official website. For this, you can visit the ” HP Care” product page. On this page, you need to enter the details of your HP device for downloading the updates. Check the list of updates available and install them on your device following the step-by-step instructions.

In case you come across the HP support assistant upgrade, then you must install it too. Once you download the drivers, restart your device to apply the changes.


4.Steps to upgrade the drivers manually

  • Visit HP Care.
  • Type the Laptop Model number and other details you have been asked for.
  • Check for the available updates and install them on your laptop. Save the changes and restart your device.


5.Disable the antivirus or firewall

There are chances that the antivirus software on Firewall you have installed on your device is not letting HP support assistant work. Thus, it is recommended to disable the antivirus or firewall for a while and see if this fixes your problem.


Wrapping up

HP support assistant is a great software that helps users to keep their HP computers and laptops in working order by providing the troubleshooting tools to fix the issue and updating the software. Most of the laptops and computers come with an HP support assistant. If it is not available on your HP laptop, you can also install it by visiting the HP support assistant website.

HP support assistant is incredible when it comes to troubleshooting the issues. However, it sometimes stops functioning when the user updates their Windows to the latest version. If your HP support assistant not working after the Windows upgrade, the above-mentioned guidelines can help you to fix the issue. So read the instructions mentioned carefully and troubleshoot the issue on your own.


Still unable to fix the HP support assistant not working? Get an expert advice

In case you have tried all the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, but are unable to fix the HP support assistant not working issue, you must contact the experts. The HP support team is available round the clock to help. So, get in touch with the experts now and find the most reliable solution to the problem.

The HP expert will not only help you to troubleshoot problems associated with the HP support assistant but also help you to fix any other issue with your HP device. You can contact the experts by dialing a toll-free number, or you can send them an email or message regarding your query. The team will contact you immediately and provide you with all the required support to deal with the problem.

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